Head Tie is the story of two lovers who demonstrate the highest and lowest points

of a relationship within the span of a beautiful and treacherous ten-minute dance.

Written by Amir Levi and Alan Weintraub, this artistic film explores the depth of

human emotion.

Danny, played by Amir Levi, lets Christopher, played by Matt Poe, take control in the

bedroom. Christopher is sometimes gentle, sometimes rough, and sometimes willing

to give himself completely to Danny. Their need for each other and struggle to be

together is a raw depiction of what love really is.

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A Co-Production with UP Creative Imaging.

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Queens World Film Festival

Queens, NY

March 2015

OMovies Film Festival

Naples, Italy

December 2014

New Filmmakers NY

New York City, USA

December 2014 (Film Festival)

Muestra Intermediaciones/INTERMEDIATIONS Video Art and Experimental Video Showcase

Medellin, Colombia

October 2014 (Film Festival)

International Film Awards Berlin (ifab)

Berlin, Germany

September 2014 (Film Festival)

Western Europe PREMIERE

Q! Film Festival


September 2014 (Film Festival)

Southeast Asia PREMIERE

aGliff: The Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival

Austin, Texas, USA

September 2014 (Film Festival)

10th film festival LesBiGayTrans of Paraguay


July 2014 (Film Festival)

South America PREMIERE

Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival

Best Avante-Garde/Alternative Short Film

Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA

April 2014 (Film Festival)

Imperfectu: International Film & Gender Festival

Tijuana, Mexico

April 2014 (Film Festival)

North America PREMIERE